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  • Upcoming Events ›

    • 2015 IDFA Milk & Cultured Dairy Products Conference


      5/19/15 - 5/20/15

      Location: Minneapolis, MN

    • Sweet Snacks Expo 2015


      5/19/15 - 5/21/15

      Location: Chicago, IL

    • Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar & Expo


      6/7/15 - 6/9/15

      Location: Atlanta, GA

      IDDBA Show Highlights

      • More Education. Targeted sessions featuring current trends, research, marketing ideas, global issues, consumer buying behavior, and new products and services. Seminars are open to all attendees at no additional cost.
      • Fantastic Food Expo. Bigger, better, and more relevant than ever, the IDDBA expo features more than 1,800 booths jam-packed with the food, services, and ideas that drive our business.
      • Keynote Speeches. Not one but multiple top-level presentations that offer key insight into our business, the economy, the consumer, and current trends.
      • Actionable Ideas. The 10,000 square foot Show & Sell Center is an incredible retail showcase that demonstrates the newest merchandising concepts, the hottest products, and actionable ideas that create customer interest and drive demand.
      • Networking. IDDBA pre-qualifies attendees and targets key buyers, sellers and decision-makers in the supermarket dairy, deli, and bakery industries. Use myIDDBA App to find products, plan your expo experience, and connect with other attendees before, during and after the Show.

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