Stephen S. Nicholson

Chief Economist, International Food Products

Steve has more than 30 years of experience in cash grain markets, hedging, commodity/ingredient procurement, price risk management and commodity analysis. At International, he is responsible for procurement and trading of vegetable oils, corn sweeteners and grain products, as well as consulting assignments.


Steve has served in a variety of commodity procurement and analyst roles. Prior to joining International in 2007, as senior economist with Doane Advisory Services, he analyzed oilseed, dairy, hog and poultry markets. He has worked with and for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including the Earthgrains Company, where he was a senior buyer, and The Coca-Cola Company, where he served as a senior commodity analyst.


He has presented his market outlook to audiences in Canada, China, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand and the U.S. Stephen received his B.S. in Farm Operations/Agricultural Education and his M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Iowa State University. He has been a long-time member of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, including service on its Industry Committee.

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