Grants Made Available to Cane Growers

August 28th, 2019


Category: Sugar

(FBC News) – The Ministry of Sugar Industry has announced it will continue to support cane growers through the Sugarcane Development and Farmers Assistance Program.

The program offers growers grants to encourage them to plant new cane and increase cane production.

Ministry Permanent Secretary Yogesh Karan says the Sugarcane Development and Farmers Assistance Program received $4m in the 2019-2020 national budget.

The grant is offered on a first come first serve basis and growers are eligible to apply for only one acre of cane planting.

Karan says that payment will be made in three instalments.

Under the program, 50 percent will be paid after survey and verification of proper land preparation, 25 percent will be paid to after successful germination of cane plants and with the remaining 25 percent will be paid after the cane is harvested and delivered to mills.

Meanwhile, the government has also rolled out its subsidies program on fertilizers and weedicides.
Under the Fertilizers Subsidy Program growers will continue to receive a subsidy of $25.59 per 50 kg bag.

55 percent of the price of weedicides will be paid by the Government under the Weedicides Subsidy Program following the allocation of $1m in the new budget.

The PS says that this is available only to growers who are registered under the Fiji Sugar Corporation.

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