Beneo Unveils New Clean-Label Rice Starch Remypure S52

July 12th, 2018


Category: Miscellaneous

(Food Bev) – Beneo has launched its new clean-label rice starch, Remypure S52, as it responds to growing consumer interest in label transparency.

This new ingredient, the second clean-label native rice starch in the company’s portfolio following the introduction of Remypure in 2016, is said to provide food manufacturers “an opportunity to create unique textures and excellent product stability”.

Beneo has developed an advanced thermal inhibition process that strengthens native rice starch granules to enhance their functional properties. The company said this technology delivers an ingredient comparable, or superior to, chemically modified food starches.

Food starches are generally used as thickeners in foods such as soups, sauces and ready-to-eat meals to create pleasant textures and provide freeze/thaw stability.

These products require high performance under acidity and heat, and it can be challenging to maintain optimal functionality under these conditions. Beneo said that Remypure S52 provides manufacturers with “the perfect solution to this problem”, without needing to use modified starches.

Marc-Etienne Denis, commercial managing director of rice ingredients at Beneo, said: “As a science-driven company, Beneo invests significantly into the research development of natural, clean-label ingredients that meet the needs of both consumers and manufacturers.

“Given the growing consumer interest in label transparency, as well as processing challenges faced by manufacturers, Beneo’s Remypure S52 provides the perfect, natural solution to help customers develop products that respond to this growing demand.”

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