2017 a Year That Challenged New Technology

December 27th, 2017


Category: Technology

(Hoosier Ag Today) –  The extreme weather we had in Indiana in 2017 certainly had an effect on some of the new technology we have in our fields. The issues with Dicamba have made headlines and led to new restrictions for the technology in 2018. For Enlist corn from Dow AgroSciences, which had a limited roll out in 2017, the weather extremes also provided some performance challenges. Zac Ferguson, corn product manager with Mycogen Seeds, said, “We saw rain and delayed planting in the spring, and then in some areas drought conditions at pollination. Then we had more weather that made it hard to get this group out of the field this fall.”

Enlist corn will see a full rollout in 2018. Ferguson says it will give growers a new tool, “First, it will provide exceptional weed control. Growers still have trouble controlling water hemp, ragweed, mares tail, and morning glory in corn. What Enlist will bring is a new tool that farmers can use to control these weeds.” All while it will provide some high yielding genetics, he added.

Ferguson says the Enlist system will help growers manage the risk that comes with Indiana’s weather extremes, “When you have a situation when you have late spring rains, delayed plantings, or significant weed pressure, Enlist corn will allow you a tool you can use to bring out a spray and control those weeds.” A key advantage of using Enlist Duo is that the required buffer zone needed for its application is only 30 feet, compared with 110 feet for dicamba-resistant crop spraying. He added that the key will be to make the right decisions in putting together a plan for whatever 2018 brings.


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